George Coker

George Akolade Adetokunbo Coker is the San Franciscan born son of two Nigerian immigrants. Akolade, "my blessings have arrived", as his mother calls him, would probably tell you he picked up theater in 2009, on a gray afternoon because there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. Some might tell you about how George, got picked up last minute by one production after another, maybe because "George" was the guy to call in a pinch, and maybe because he learned not to say "no" in improv class. If you asked friends, they might say George has been playing stages big and small all over the bay since ages 5 years old, and he was just too slow to put together that he loved it. If you asked his sisters, though, they'd probably tell you he's just a drama queen.


American Conservatory Theater 2012 (Summer Training Congress)
American Conservatory Theater 2011(Improv)
YMTC Berkeley 2010-2013
City College of San Francisco 2013 (Music/Theater)


SF Bay Area:

NYLO - https://nylotalent.com/