George Akolade Coker, is a non-binary, Nigerian American lifestyle model, hand model, and fitness model, currently working in Northern and Southern California. Born and raised in San Francisco, George is currently based in Los Angeles as of 2018. They have been featured in print for companies such as Lyft, Wells Fargo, Adobe, and Western Digital, among others. Their commercial credits include Ford, Volkswagen, and Uber and more. For direct bookings in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can contact: | modeling | commercial | film | voice | theater

George is currently looking for representation in Los Angeles.

If you're located in a different market and would like to book them as talent, reach out via e-mail and they will respond promptly:

Above are a selection of images created with associates, acquaintances, and friends of George Akolade Coker. If you would like to collaborate with them, you may contact them directly at Current portfolio interests are centered around stills and video of dynamic movement including:

• Yoga • Handbalancing • Tumbling • Tricking • Parkour •

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