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17 Syllable Mischief

Did you realize that you can’t waste time?

It’s true.

Time is infinite and endless. It’s your life you’re wasting.

I can’t speak for you, but I’m just a regular human that doesn’t know when they’re gonna die. So I kind of had to take my life seriously once I recognized this.

First thing I did was challenge myself to make a childhood dream come true. So I wrote a book of haiku. In a week.

What will you do?

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Free Haiku

Have you ever considered the cost of free?

The reality behind free anything, is that someone somewhere is making a choice to give value at no cost to the receiver.

Sometimes it’s out of the goodness of their heart, and sometimes it’s because what they get in return. But there’s a cost to someone.

I work with an organization that creates placements for me as a performance typewriter poet so I can create art out of a meeting with perfect strangers and I think that’s incredibly beautiful. If you’d like to connect with us for an engagement: Wedding, Residency, Conference, Event, etc.

Please contact me below.



What makes your heart glow?

For me it’s the experience of writing poetry. It’s in trying to make sense of the beautiful madness that is everything. To make sense of it all I read, I talk to people, and I write.

Then I share it with you.

I appreciate all the support I get, because it lets me do what I love, and support others in kind. If you choose to be a part of that, thank you.